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The Eagle Book Part 4

Thanksgiving Marten
by Dan Hartman

Nov. 30, 2015

     Last week Kelly, Cindy and I traveled to Billings for a Mannheim Steamroller concert.  I've been listening to their music for years, so it was great to see them in person.  What a way to open the holiday season!
     Thanksgiving morning I had to sweep out the fireplace chimney with my wire brush.  While up on the roof I noticed marten tracks criss-crossing the snow covered roof.
     We had our Thanksgiving feast, afterwards I put the turkey pan out in the snow for the birds to clean out.  Soon after Cindy looked out and announced "We have a marten!"
     I hurried to the window and watched a marten daintily picking bits of turkey from the pan.  
     "How about that!  A thanksgiving turkey!"
    After dishes were done, Cindy and Kelly and I went out in search of a Christmas tree.  It was cold and getting dark so it didn't take long to settle on a nice six foot spruce.  A couple hours later and it was decorated and proudly standing in a corner of the living room.  I know I say this every year, but this is the best one ever!
     I'm approaching the dead line for the eagle book and really haven't had much luck lately.  I did spend some time with a golden eagle at the Buffalo Bill Museum in Cody last month.  It was an adult female, so was the largest specimen you'll ever see.  What a fascinating experience!

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