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Little goat in the canyon
by Dan Hartman

Jan. 8, 2019

     I've been hesitant to report about the little mountain goat kid stranded in Ice Box Canyon for two main reasons. 
     Number One, I really didn't think he would survive.  I figured he would vanish due to lack of food or predation.  But here we are some six weeks later and he's still hanging on.
     The second reason is the location.  It's about the unsafest spot to park imaginable.  I mean Ice Box Canyon. Icy roads and no visibility with snowmobilers with trailers speeding through.  Also, if people do start parking there, the Park Service will surely place no parking signs.  (If the government ever opens again.)
      If you do want a quick look, make sure one person watches the highway at all times and for heavens sake, don't get out of your vehicle!  If a car approaches, get moving!  Don't expect them to go around you.  It's Ice Box Canyon!!
     Now, a little background.  How did he get there in the first place?  Well, information is slowly coming in.  Albeit 3rd or 4th person.  Rumor has it wolves were seen chasing a mountain goat near Pebble Creek around Thanksgiving.  Let's say mother goat and kid were separated at that time.  The little kid follows the Soda Butte Creek upstream till it gains the safety of the steep ledges.  (It would be possible for a wolf or coyotes to get to the little fella, but would be difficult.  Of course a mountain lion would have no trouble at all.)
     Now, why hasn't he starved?  There's been several times when we've not seen him.  Meaning he leaves the safety of the ledge to feed off and on.  Also he has been spotted in the trees above the ledge.
    So now we have two wild friends to pull for.
     Little T to survive the continuing hunting season and the little goat in Ice Box Canyon.
     And we hope they don't get together!!!

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