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Animals I Have Known #8

He's Back !!!
by Dan Hartman

Nov. 17, 2011

As some of you may remember last November we had an incredible wind and snowstorm that knocked out our power for five days. During that time a large grizz with a natural blond collar over its shoulders appeared around our cabin. Then last spring it re-appeared and chased down and killed two elk. As we moved into late May, I spotted the big bear about eight miles into the park, heading west. In September, a fellow told me of a grizz he had just watched swim across Lilly Lake, which is twenty plus miles east of us. Luckily, he had a few photos and I recognized our blond collared bear.
Last week Cindy looked out the window and saw him walking down the road below our cabin. Hes back! I grabbed a camera and rushed out. He was in to the woods and across the stream in a flash. I got a few shots as he walked through the willows but when the grizz entered the forest again I lost it. I went for the car and drove up the back road across the valley from us. No luck. On a hunch, I drove back to where the bear made one of its kills last May. There it was. Just entering the meadow. I parked and crept out through the trees. The grizz somehow sensed me and lumbered back into the forest.
Two days ago we came across his tracks not far from the cabin, so he was still around. We are now in the middle of a storm reminiscent of last years. So far the power has stayed on but were preparing for the worst.
Anyway I got to thinking. We didnt see the grizz after the big storm last year, and I have not seen any sign of him since this storm began. Id say it is more than possible the storm has put him in his den. Well expect him again on the other side of winter.

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Our Grizz A Year Ago

The Grizz Last Spring After Killing An Elk

Checking Out A Cabin

In The Willows

Grizz Tracks Near Our Cabin

He Disappeared Into The Forest