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We've been expecting You

A baby marten at the cabin
by Dan Hartman

July 8, 2013

     Since we first spotted our courting marten pair several weeks ago, we've been alert for signs of youngsters.  Every time we hear birds calling or squirrels chirping, we watch expectantly for baby martens.  And sometimes we do find martens, but always, the male or one of our females.
     Last week Cindy heard a complaining mama squirrel.  When she stepped out the back door to investigate, there stood a tiny marten looking up at her.  He climbed up to perch atop a stump.  Then quickly climbed higher when a fox appeared.  There he sat for hours, often just trying to stay awake.
     He finally dropped to the ground to scramble away when our male marten approached.

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A Baby Looked Up At Her

Perched On A High Branch

Fox In Bluebells

Marten Trying To Stay Awake


Stop !!!