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Continental Divide Expedition

A Trek Through Some of Yellowstone's Finest Wilderness
by Dr. Nathan Varley

July 19, 2015

The Continental Divide separates the waters that drain to the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.  This physiographic divide passes through southern Yellowstone in some of the most remote and wild parts of the park.  
A 40-year resident of the Yellowstone area, I am an ecologist and wilderness explorer and look forward to leading a 6-day expedition that crosses the divide several times on a route that covers a stunning and diverse portion of Yellowstone's wild.
The trek begins in the Bechler region, the remote southwest corner of Yellowstone Park where there are virtually no roads and only a network of great trails.  Also, known as the Cascade Corner, the Bechler region is well-known for amazing waterfalls, lush forests, and wet meadows. 
The route of this trek ascends through the vast meadow complex of the Bechler River, up the river canyon past several major waterfalls, to the three forks at the headwaters.  Located near the headwaters are hot springs for soaking weary bones!
A gentle climb leads up and over several crossings of the Continental Divide with sweeping views of the Madison Plateau before descending down the Firehole River by many amazing geysers and thermal features.  The final leg is a leisurely descent into the Old Faithful area for relaxation after 5 days on the trail at the Old Faithful Snow Lodge.
I would like to fill several spots on the expedition.  If you are interested, read through the details in the attached file and contact me.
A full report will be posted after the expedition on Yellowstone Reports.

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Bechler Canyon

Lone Star Geyser

Bechler Meadows

Black Bear

Union Falls