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The Eagle Book Part 5

One last effort
by Dan Hartman

Dec. 15, 2015

     I thought I'd give one more attempt of securing another golden eagle shot for the eagle book (the deadine is the 15th).  Cindy, Kelly and I decided to explore an area northeast of Livingston.  Along the way we passed several bald eagles, one so close I set up and photographed a while.
     On north of Livingston, we found a pair of goldens soaring close to a low butte.  They were a bit out of range so we moved on.  Bald eagles were plentiful, but I only spotted two more goldens and they were distant.
     We took the back way into Bozeman past Bridger Bowl.  More eagles,but only balds, two were perched beside nests.
     Towards evening, as we drove through Yellowstone heading towards our cabin, a pair of goldens suddenly rose out of Gardiner Canyon at the High Bridge.  I fired several shots as they circled us.
     We were approaching Elk Creek, when I spotted a round ball atop a dead tree spire.  Pygmy Owl!  I haven't seen one since the family I photographed last spring.
     For the day we found two dozen bald eagles but only six goldens.  Well, I guess this officially ends my quest for golden eagles.  I hope the publisher will like what I shot and I'll be well represented in the book.
     Note:  Hopefully many of you watched the first installment of "America's National Parks".  Olympic and Yosemite were shown.  Yosemite was filmed by Oliver and Ivo's Gulo Film Production which I worked on just enough to get a credit.  I'm not sure when their Yellowstone Film will air, but I'll be sure to post a notice when I find out.

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Bald Eagle

Eagle Near It's Nest

Soaring Golden Eagle

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