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Brown Creeper

Seldom seen
by Dan Hartman

Feb. 27, 2018

     In the 30 odd years we've lived at our cabin in Silver Gate, a little fella we always welcomed but seldom have seen is the little brown creeper.  Even when we did spot him it was usually back in the timber a ways and just a quick glimpse.
     This year, however, a pair has taken to visiting our yard daily.  
     Now to the normal person, they're only a whisp of streaked brown moving up the side of a tree trunk.
     Something you'ld have to be looking for to actually see.
     Why bother?
     Well, when one looks a little deeper you'll find this tiny bird with the curved bill is in trouble.  He needs our help.  Those old growth trees loggers price so highly are this little birds dinner table.  Big trees have big slabs of bark and it is behind this bark the creeper finds his food.  Spiders, insects and pupae.
     When these large trees die, we humans are quick to cut them down, destroying the birds nesting sites.  You see, it's behind the large chunks of loose bark covering the dead trees  where the creeper builds his nest.
     It's the loss of these large trees both living and dead that is causing the little creepers decline.
     So when you see a little brown creeper climbing up a tree trunk, acknowledge him.  And let him know you understand his struggle and you'll do what you can to help.

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