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About Yellowstone Reports

For more than a decade, we have brought quality naturalist reporting in Yellowstone to supporters around the world via the internet. The collective result of these efforts is available exclusively for subscribers of

By assembling a stellar team of skilled observers in the field, we have created an amazing outlet for one-of-a-kind, up-to-date information and images on many natural and cultural topics of Yellowstone Park and the surrounding region.

Our dedicated team includes a wide variety of reporters including naturalists, scholars, and guides throughout Yellowstone. These include:

  • Professional naturalist guides from our Yellowstone Wolf Tracker team who submit their sighting reports on a regular basis from their days afield with guests. Contact us to book our private guide service.

  • A fixture among the wolf watching community, Laurie Lyman, updates the activities and status of northern Yellowstone's wolf packs on a daily basis.

  • Photographer and naturalist Dan Hartman shares his colorful adventures in the world of wildlife.

  • Author Rick Lamplugh's Yellowstone discoveries are the subject of his inspiring and educational writings.

  • Conservation advocate Dave Hornoff scours the web for reporting from the Yellowstone area on a myriad of issues and topics.

  • Some of Yellowstone's top professional wildlife and landscape photographers post their latest images.

  • Lastly, the Yellowstone Park's own press releases are posted as they occur.

We could not be more pleased with the depth and quality of our reporting.

For a nominal annual fee of $20 per year, 365 days from sign-up date, subscribers will have complete access to frequent and detailed reports on various topics of science and natural history in the park.

A portion of the proceeds from subscriptions is donated to the Yellowstone Association's Guardian program and the Yellowstone Park Foundation.

Information you provide for membership, including your e-mail address and payment information, will be used only by The Wild Side, LLC, producers of Yellowstone Reports. Your personal information is not given or sold to any other organization or outside party. Credit card information is encrypted and processed securely and not kept on file—charges appear on statements as The Wild Side, LLC.

By subscribing you agree to receive infrequent email about Yellowstone Reports and affiliated programs (you may unsubscribe from email announcements at any time).

If you are unhappy with the reports for any reason, at any time, contact us for a full or partial refund of the subscription fee.

We are confident that subscribers will genuinely appreciate having the one-of-a-kind, insider's accounts from Yellowstone Park.

Enjoy Yellowstone Reports!

Dr. Nathan Varley & Linda Thurston