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The reporters

Editor of Yellowstone Reports

Press releases from the Yellowstone Park region on stories and events.

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Rick Lamplugh

Rick and his wife, Mary Strickroth, volunteer at the Lamar Buffalo Ranch. Rick has written a best-selling book, In the Temple of Wolves: A Winterís Immersion in Wild Yellowstone, about their experiences.

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Sandy Sisti

Sandy Sisti is a nature photographer living in Wapiti just east of Yellowstone. Through her photography, Sandy hopes to promote conservation of this pristine wilderness area and its remarkable wildlife inhabitants for generations to come.

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Pete Bengeyfield

A retired Forest Service hydrologist, Pete has been photographing the American west for forty years. Portraying the natural world through photography started as a pastime, but quickly moved through the hobby/passion/obsession progression.

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Jimmy Jones

In this modern world, wildlife and nature is a distant reality for most people. With the technological explosion of the 20th century, only a small percent of the population actually gets out into nature to see it's beauty. I hope to help bring the natural world closer to some, through my photography.

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Russ Kehler

Resident of Silver Gate, Montana, Russ photographs park scenes and wildlife.

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Jim Futterer

Jim Futterer is a regular visitor to Yellowstone where he is a keen observer and exceptional photographer.

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Laurie Lyman

Laurie chronicles the day to day of Yellowstone's wolves and other wildlife sightings.

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Leo Leckie

A life-long student of the naturalist world, Leo has been attending the dynamic classroom that is the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem for over two decades. His teachers and mentors are the myriad animate and inanimate species and forms who share their stories and insights daily.

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Ilona Popper

A poet, naturalist, wildlife advocate, and writer about wolves and other wildlife.

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Dave Hornoff

Wildlife advocate Dave Hornoff keeps a sharp eye on the latest news concerning wildlife in the greater Yellowstone.

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Dan Hartman

Dan and his family have spent many years photographing the Yellowstone area's wildlife from his cabin home in Silver Gate, Montana.

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Dr. Nathan Varley

Nathan Varley moved to Yellowstone in 1970. He has dedicated his life to the study of the natural history of the ecosystem. Nathan guides many of his current Yellowstone adventures with The Wild Side, LLC, based in Gardiner, Montana.

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Linda Thurston

Linda has worked with wolves in the Rocky Mountains for much of her career as a wildlife biologist.

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Mike O'Connell

Mike hikes, skis and backpacks in Yellowstone.

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