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926F, Junction Butte, Prospects, bears 4-20-15

posted by Laurie Lyman

April 20, 2015 — Hi Everyone ~   Another beautiful day in the Park after another cold morning.  The winds picked up again this afternoon.   926F ~ & Read more >

Spaces Available at Yellowstone Geothermal Workshop

posted by Dave Hornoff

April 20, 2015 — The Geothermal Resources Council (GRC) is recommending early registration for the Yellowstone Geothermal Workshop from June 22-26. Some places ar Read more >

926F, Junction Butte, Canyons, Prospect gray? bears 4-19-15

posted by Laurie Lyman

April 19, 2015 — Hi Everyone ~   Another beautiful cold morning followed by clouds and wind in the afternoon.  We had lows in the low 20's and a high of 47 Read more >

Correction, Mollies are back in town! Junction Butte, 967M, bears 4-18-15

posted by Laurie Lyman

April 18, 2015 — Hi Everyone ~   In yesterday's report I wrote that 926 and Twin were in the Hellroaring area instead of Hitching Post.  Sorry about that. Read more >

Ceremony in Gardiner to kick off summer season for Yellowstone

posted by Dave Hornoff

April 18, 2015 — A special ceremony was held today outside the North Entrance of Yellowstone National Park in Gardiner to mark opening day at the park. Members of the Read more >

Prospects, 967M, 926F and Twin, Mollies? ?gray wolf 4-17-15

posted by Laurie Lyman

April 17, 2015 — Hi Everyone ~     Another lovely day in the Park with warm temperatures and a breeze.   Coming from the east this morning, we, once Read more >

926F and Twin, Junctions, Mollies, updates 4-16-15

posted by Laurie Lyman

April 16, 2015 — Hi Everyone ~   A beautiful, beautiful day.  No wind and temps in the low 50's, and we had wolves to complete the outstanding weather. &n Read more >

Free Entrance Days in the National Parks

posted by Dave Hornoff

April 16, 2015 — Celebrating National Park Week entrance fees to Yellowstone National Park are waived for the first weekend, April 18-19.. To learn more about Yellows Read more >

In The Future, Yellowstone National Park Could Turn Incredibly Dry

posted by Dave Hornoff

April 16, 2015 — Twenty-three years ago, two scientists took a first look at what climate change might do to the ecology of Yellowstone National Park. The climate mode Read more >

No wolves today, Scarface Day! 4-15-15

posted by Laurie Lyman

April 15, 2015 — HI Everyone ~    Hope your tax day went well.  We found the weather quite taxing today as we had been getting used to those warmer da Read more >

Yellowstone River dam project advances

posted by Dave Hornoff

April 15, 2015 — Construction is slated to start this fall on modifications to a dam along the lower Yellowstone River that are meant to allow endangered pallid sturge Read more >

Yellowstone Lake Hotel added to national list of historic places

posted by Dave Hornoff

April 15, 2015 — The Lake Hotel in Yellowstone National Park is one of five newly named places on the National Registry of Historic Places.The hotel, located on the no Read more >

926F, Twin, Mollies, Junction Butte, Scarface 4-14-15

posted by Laurie Lyman

April 14, 2015 — Hi Everyone ~   Another beautiful sunny day with highs in the mid forties to high fifties but..........the wind.  We may have had 40 mph w Read more >

Yellowstone National Park announces Spring road opening dates

posted by Dave Hornoff

April 14, 2015 — 2015 Spring Road Opening Dates Weather permitting, roads open at 8 am. Changes and delays are always possible. April 17: Mammoth to Old Faith Read more >

Mollies, Prospect Peak, Bears! 4-13-15

posted by Laurie Lyman

April 13, 2015 — Hi Everyone ~   We welcomed a beautiful day in the Park after all the wind from yesterday.  Highs to almost 60 at Tower topped off the day Read more >

Jet service arrives in West Yellowstone

posted by Dave Hornoff

April 13, 2015 — SkyWest Airlines is pleased to announce that daily jet flights from Salt Lake City to West Yellowstone will begin on June 1! The seasonal Delta Connec Read more >

Junction Butte, Prospect, Lamar pups, 926F, Twin, Mottled 4-12-15

posted by Laurie Lyman

April 12, 2015 — Hi Everyone ~   About 2 inches of snow for us at Northeast this morning, but as we made our way into the Park the depth of the snow diminished Read more >

Lamar pups, 926F, Twin, Mottled, Junction Butte, grizzlies 4-11-15

posted by Laurie Lyman

April 11, 2015 — Hi Everyone ~   We started out with clear skies this morning with 33 degree temps from Northeast.  The temperature quickly dropped to 27 a Read more >

Grizzly Bear Trapping Planned In Remote Areas Of Yellowstone

posted by Dave Hornoff

April 11, 2015 — Members of an inter-agency study team will bait and trap the bears at remote sites in the park. The federally-protected animals will be anesthetized a Read more >

926F, Twin, Mottled, All six Lamar pups, Junction Butte, update Mollies 4-10-15 4-8-15

posted by Laurie Lyman

April 10, 2015 — Hi Everyone ~   Beautiful day with an intermittent snowy start moving quickly to blue skies and white puffy clouds.  There was a breeze ma Read more >


Lake Yellowstone Hotel — Designated National Historic Landmark

posted by Editor of Yellowstone Reports

April 16, 2015 — Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell and National Park Service Director Jonathan B. Jarvis announced the designation of the Lake Yellowstone Hotel a Read more >

The Long Way Around — Checking Spring Nests

posted by Dan Hartman

April 15, 2015 —      Monday, Cindy, Kelly and I made our annual loop drive that encompasses over 300 miles.  The trip begins at our cabin and ends Read more >

Angry Osprey, Hungry Raven — Fantastic Avian Interactions

posted by Linda Thurston

April 13, 2015 — I never thought I’d be riveted to my scope for hours watching an osprey until the events that unfolded this evening.  Lucky to spot an ospr Read more >

Hiking with Bill — No Bears I can speak of

posted by Dan Hartman

April 10, 2015 —      I've teamed up with Bill Hamblin to do some spring hikes.  They're mostly recreational, but along the way we check in on my n Read more >

Ecological Condition of the Northern Range — A Gathering of Naturalists Event

posted by Leo Leckie

April 10, 2015 — Tonight at 7:00pm! Come learn more about the ecological condition of the vegetation on Yellowstone's Northern Range. Presented by Hal Hunter (Retired, Read more >

Focus on Climate Change — Special Issue of Yellowstone Science

posted by Editor of Yellowstone Reports

April 9, 2015 — The latest issue of Yellowstone Science is dedicated to climate change research in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, offering readers an opportunity Read more >

Gathering of Naturalists — Three April Presentations!

posted by Leo Leckie

April 1, 2015 — This month features presentations on April 3, April 10 and April 24. All three presentations will be on a Friday night at 7:00pm at the Track & Ed Read more >

National Find Your Park Movement — National Park Week 2015

posted by Editor of Yellowstone Reports

March 31, 2015 — Yellowstone National Park joins parks, programs and partners across the country to encourage everyone to find their park and share their stories onlin Read more >

Sandy Sisti featured in Outdoor Photographer Magazine

posted by Sandy Sisti

March 30, 2015 — A couple of months ago, I was contacted by the editor of Outdoor Photographer Magazine who told me that the magazine was interested in interviewing me Read more >

The Search Continues — The little pyg and I

posted by Dan Hartman

March 24, 2015 —      As my owl season continues, I re-evaluated my methods of finding nests.  Great grays haven't arrived yet, I'm pretty much doi Read more >

1st Day of Spring — Almost finding owls

posted by Dan Hartman

March 21, 2015 —       I've continued to listen for owls at night then search for their possible nest sites by day.  One night I had a boreal calli Read more >

New Yellowstone-area Bison Management Plan — Comments Sought

posted by Editor of Yellowstone Reports

March 16, 2015 — The National Park Service (NPS) and the State of Montana (Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks and the Montana Department of Livestock) announced today Read more >

Owl Month — A Pygmy came calling

posted by Dan Hartman

March 9, 2015 —     As March's spring weather has arrived, I find myself in the middle of my best owl month in years.  If the sounds I'm hearing coming Read more >

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