Yellowstone Reports

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A Day In Yellowstone

Dawn To Dusk
by Dan Hartman

Aug. 11, 2010

The girls and I headed into Yellowstone at dawn hoping to spot a bear or two. We ran into Bill Hamblin in Lamar Canyon East. As usual he had already seen a griz and 2 cubs far south of Coyote. Also a single gray pup back Slough. We continued on our way to Washburn where we picked out the resident griz and cubs above Chittenden Road, then on to Hayden. The bison rut was in full swing. As the fog was hanging low, it was impossible to look for the Canyon wolves. On south to the Lake where we photographed cormorants drying their wings. Farther south we stopped at a small pond and endured mosquitoes long enough to get some shots of lily pads.

            Now heading back home, we spotted the 3 osprey chicks back on the pinnacle nest near Tower crying for food. The same thing was going on in the Lamar Canyon East nest. Farther east we stopped at Barronette long enough to pick out a couple of goats high on the cliffs. Back home for a nap, then back to Pebble Creek to meet with The University of Wisconsin for a hike. As luck would have it, a griz was grazing near the road in Round Prairie. George and his group of 20 each got a good look, then it was time to start up the steep slope in search of great gray owls. Once again luck was with us. We found the male hunting in the deep shadows at the edge of a meadow. An hour later we spotted the female. A good day all around. But nature had one more nugget to toss my way. On my way back to the cabin a long-tailed weasel appeared beside the road.

            Today is my birthday. Late presents are acceptable!


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Pebble Creek Grizz

Great Gray Owl