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Turkeys For Thanksgiving

Pumpkin Eating Moose
by Dan Hartman

Nov. 30, 2013

     After Thanksgiving dinner Cindy and Kelly went out in search of a Christmas tree.  This is only the second time in 24 years I had to stay behind.  They even came across a pika during their trek.  An hour and a half later they returned with a nice spruce.  That evening they decorated while I sat in an easy chair throwing out suggestions.

     Earlier in the day, Kelly went outside and read the book, "A Turkey For Thanksgiving" to our little family of turkeys.  They gathered around and seemed to be sincerely interested.

     The day after Thanksgiving a cow moose and her twins came to visit.  I guess they knew I couldn't come to them so they came to me.  Kellys pumpkin from Halloween was sitting out front in the snow.  The moose soon discovered it and ten minutes later it was gone.

     Well, here's my ankle update.  At six weeks I was able to start walking without crutches, but then out of the blue, my right knee swelled up and became so painful I couldn't bend it.  All those weeks on crutches seems to have irritated it.  Then, because I was walking funny with my stiff knee, my right ankle went out and soon I couldn't put any weight on my whole right side.

   So here I am seven weeks and back to crutches!  I'll never take walking for granted again.


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Moose Outside Our Window

Kelly Reading To The Turkeys (We're not weird)

Kelly Cuts The Tree

All Decorated

What Are Those Things?

Pumpkin Eater

Good To The Last Stem !!!

Marten Holding Court (Notice The Pumpkin)