Yellowstone Reports

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Rick McIntyre

Rick has observed and collected data on Yellowstone wolves for over ten years
by Dave Hornoff

Sept. 5, 2010

Rick McIntyre collects wolf activity data daily(over ten years without missing a day!) for the Yellowstone Wolf Project.

 A more gracious, and helpful person to talk to and watch wolves with you will never meet.

 I will never forget my first wolf watching  experience while on a Wild Side trip with Dr. Nathan Varley and noted wildlife biologist Linda Thurston.  We pulled into Little America and set up scopes as the Agate Pack was located along the tree line.  Setting up his scope next to me was Rick McIntyre and Nathan suggested I introduce myself.  I did and Rick proceeded to direct me to where the wolves were located and I saw my first wolf, High Sides, a beautiful gray.  Rick narrated what I was watching , supplying the background and history of the pack.  It made an unforgettable experience even that much better, one I will never forget.

 This past June while in the Park I was watching the Lamar Canyon Pack in Slough Creek with several other wolf watchers, including Laurie Lyman of Yellowstone Reports.  Alongside was Rick McIntyre.

  A lot of people had gathered and Rick gave a demonstration of how he locates collared wolves by using telemetry, and at one point displayed his dry sense of humor as he walked up to a dad in a group stating he had a signal, and it was coming from him.  Rick asked, to the amusement of the group, "Have you ever been abducted by aliens?"  Needless to say this added so much to their experience, and the rest of us got a kick out of it as well.  This is what Rick does.

  Rick McIntyre is a great  ambassador for the Yellowstone wolves, as well as an important piece of the Yellowstone Wolf Project.  But more than that, to the people looking to see wolves in the wild, he is a friend.  Thanks Rick for all you do!