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White Water

Camera Traps
by Dan Hartman

Jan. 10, 2015

     George Clokey is back in Yellowstone with his group of seventeen students from the University of Wisconsin, White Water.  On Monday, during the big storm, we put out nine camera traps in the forest around our cabin.  On Friday we retrieved the cameras and got a look at the images.

     Our first trap caught a fox back in the trees a ways.  Our second was empty.  Our third, a red squirrel.  The fourth and fifth got us nothing.  But the sixth had several marten shots.  None were great as he was just too close to the camera.  It was great knowing a marten was in the area.  Our seventh was unfired.  The eighth had a ghost fox image.  The ninth, a red squirrel.

   Now the tenth was set up in the trees in front of our cabin, so we of course got dozens of birds and squirrel shots.  However at night, two flying squirrels were photographed.

     Our images were over-exposed and mostly a bit fuzzy.   But at least we did get images and learned how to better place them next time.  And there will be a next time!  We plan on doing this project twice a year from now on.  In the summer than again in the winter.  Hopefully, we'll eventually get some rare wildlife shots.


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White Water University

Setting Up A Camera

Adjusting The Camera

White Water University

White Water University

White Water University



Red Squirrel

Ghost Fox

Flying Squirrel

Flying Squirrel