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Friends Stop By

I was impressed

by Dan Hartman
Feb. 6, 2016

     Every winter 40 or so groups stop in to visit and last week 2 of our favorites came by.

     Natalie and her students from University of Montana were here last Saturday.  This years crop was global with kids hailing from distant locations such as Ireland and Hong Kong to name a few.  In the USA, far away states such as Alaska nd Vermont were represented.  A hardy bunch, they snowshoed the Baronette Ski Trail.  (They're the only group each year that the question and answer part takes longer than the usual talk.)

     Wednesday, Houston Zoo came by for a talk and snowshoe hike.  Intelligent in the ways on animal behavior, I think I learn as much from them as they do from me.


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Natalie and her University of Montana Kids

Snowshoeing With Houston Zoo

Margaret Enjoying The View

Here We Go !!!

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