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The Pygmy and the Grosbeak

Natures Way
by Dan Hartman

April 12, 2016

     Last week, Cindy looked out to see a pygmy owl bring down and kill a pine grosbeak.  By the time I found a shooting spot, the grosbeak was dead, so all I got was the feeding afterward.

     There's actually more to the story.  A back story.

     About a week ago, Cindy noticed a male pine grosbeak with a missing eye.  It looked to be from an injury as the area around the eye was also messed up.  We watched the bird daily to see if it might survive.  Well, the pygmy found this weak bird and nature took its' course.

     I photographed and filmed the feeding for an hour when the pygmy flew off.  By now it was growing dark.  A horned owl began calling across the valley soon to be joined by our little pygmy whistling.


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Pygmy Owl With Grosbeak


An Hour Later