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A Monarch Falls

Cutting Firewood
by Dan Hartman

Oct. 23, 2016

     Cindy and I were in the middle of a ten day road trip to the mid west when we received an email from our Silver Gate neighbors.

     "The big pine above your cabin blew down in a windstorm last night."

     Now that huge lodge pole was dying when we purchased our cabin in '89.  For twenty five years I would consider dropping it for winter firewood, but because it was sure to take out several young spurce trees I always hesitated.  Besides it was a standing months supply of dry firewood close to the cabin.  Always available in case of emergency.

     We returned home Friday.  Saturday morning we started the task of cutting up the big pine.  Heck, the limbs alone would keep the fireplace going for a week!  As I feared the big tree took out a 50 year old spruce, which was a shame.

     After three hours of exhausting cutting and hauling, the job was done.  I tried counting the rings.  At least 150.  Add the 30 odd years of standing dead, the big pine was around 180 years old.  Mid 1830's.  Jim Bridger era.

     We already had our wood in for the winter so this is a head start on 2017.


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Stacking Wood

Landed Just Above Cabin

Rotted Roots

Starting The Task

Just A Few More Cuts To Go

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