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Watching the Eclipse

In the Beartooths
by Dan Hartman

Aug. 22, 2017

     Cindy, Kelly and I along with pika researchers Katie and Kaitlyn watched the eclipse from Beartooth Pass yesterday.  We wanted to see if pikas, goats, weasels or any other wildlife would be effected by a 95% eclipse.

     As we were setting up a herd of six mountin goats passed by, being lead by a seasoned old nanny.  They climbed to a high mound of boulders and watched us curiously.

     All around us pikas worked, not seeming to have any knowledge of the upcoming event.

     At 10:45 am the moon had already taken a bite out of the sun.  At 11:15 the sun looked like a quarter moon.

     The already cool morning turned bittingly cold.  The pika continued their gathering.  As the next twenty minutes pased, the light dimmed noticibly leaving us standing in an early twilight.

    At 11:36 am, the moon had gone as far as it was going to go.  I snapped a photo of the still gathering pika, snapped a few more photos of the crescent sun and with stiff fingers loaded up my equipment and headed back to the car.

     And that was that.  A quick 95% doesnt really effect anything much.  But it was a grand thing to experience.  We could have driven to a position of totality, but we couldn't have taken the Beartooths with us.


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Kelly And I Watching The Eclipse

Cindy And Kelly

Kaitlyn,Katie and Cliff Brown

Pica At 11:36

Mountain Goats