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Owl Summer

A new owl film
by Dan Hartman

March 31, 2020

     During these strange and trying times Cindy and I have been sheltering in place here at our cabin.  We haven't been to town in two weeks and plan to stay put for another month if necessary.  Maybe even longer.
     Our days pass watching foxes in the mornings and flocks of grosbeaks and rosey finches the rest of the day.  A marten comes by every couple days for a visit.  Of course all our groups have cancelled, and as I'm recovering from my knee injury, snowshoeing is out of the question.  (We still have 40 inches of snow on the level.)
    Also with the Park closure, my owl study has come to a sudden halt.
     Anyway,  I found myself with a lot of free time.  Lying in bed unable to sleep one night, I was thinking of past years when conditions were just so and owls had flourished.
     That gave me an idea!  I would put together a film reminscing on the last great owl year.
     The year was 2015.
    I located two boreal owl nests during my owl study.  Then discovered three great gray nests as spring melted to early summer.  Came across a pygmy owl nest and without even searching, had half a dozen great horned owl nests.
     For the film I cover the best nest of great gray, great horned, boreal and pygmy owl families.  I intertwine the nests, going back and forth with the seasons.
     It's called, "Owl Summer"
     Runs about 25 minutes.
     Costs $15 shipped.  Is narrated by me.
     And is offered as a DVD or Thumb Drive.
     If interested, call 406-838-2296.

     I think it is a really cool film,of course, I am a little prejudice.


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Great Horned Owl Nest

Great Gray Owl Nest

Pygmy Owl Nest

Boreal Owl Nest

Great Gray Owl Nest