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Getting Back Into The Woods

A Few Sightings
by Dan Hartman

May 11, 2020

     With the Park being closed Cindy and I made a run in to Sunlight Basin then over Dead Indian Pass and out onto the flats near Belfry, MT.

     First, though, I climbed up to my great gray nest in the Beartooth Foothills.  The nest isn't far into the woods, but it is steep going.

     All I found was an empty snag.

     When I got back to the road, I was walking back to my car when a pickup came along.  It was two guys from Cody looking for grizzlies.

     I asked if they'd seen any and they said yes.

     An hour ago two were on the hillside west of where I'd just walked in.

     On to Sunlight Basin, Cindy and I hiked up to an old nest last used in 2010.  It was on the ground.  Farther up a nest used in 2012 had also blown down.

     Of the five great gray nests I'd found in the last 10 years in the Sunlight area, two were cut down my loggers and the other two have now blown down.

     On Beartooth Pass, a cinnamon black bear crossed the highway to climb the upper slope.

     Out on the flats, we found two more great horned owl nests.  One had three chicks.  All of our previous great horned have had two.

     On our way back up the pass, we had stopped to check out an empty golden eagle nest, when  Cindy spotted two wolves high on a far away slope.  One a large gray and the other a smaller reddish one.


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Great Horned Owl Nest

Cinnamon Black Bear