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by Dan Hartman

May 27, 2020

     I have to eat a bit of crow.  I did a story about Two-Face last week and mentioned his brother was a normal sub-adult.  Well, Cindy and I came across Brother in the Beartooths last weekend.  He was digging up vole nests and we got our first close look at him.

     Well, as bad as Two-Face looks from the right side, Brother looks even more hideous head on.  Obviously, because both are deformed, it's not from an injury, but a birth defect.

     If I was their mother, I'd run and hide from all boars this spring.

     We came across a black bear with a cinnamon cub also.  With no traffic, we see a lot of elk and moose near the roadsides. We've also had a couple of badgers out.

     Songbirds are beginning to nest.

     Beartooth Pass will open on Friday.  We don't know when Montana's Yellowstone Gates will open.

     Cindy told me we lost six groups last week.  Five the week before and four to five groups per week through June.

     It made me think.  Our groups are usually 12-24 people.  For every group we loose, the tour company loses anywhere from 3-5 guiding days.  Motels loose from 10-20 motel nights per day.  Restaurants loose 20-50 meals sold per day.

     I appreciate you who purchased our video, "Owl Summer".  Every little bit helps. 

     If there is any way you can, help the tour companies, restaurants and motels.  I'm especially worried about the smaller tour companies going under.

     Check out George Bumann's  on line course.  It's a way of keeping us connected with you and you connected with Yellowstone.

     The Greatest National Park in the World!!


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