Yellowstone Reports

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Wolf Week

by Dan Hartman

Jan. 3, 2021

     I usually do wolf week just before Christmas, as it's a slow time in the Park.

     This year,however, was different.  The Park has been bustling with a lot of photographers and most of the wolf activity has been up north.

     I did go out several times but didn't hit it as hard as past years.

     I already did a story of an encounter with the Eight Miles.  As you know, the Wapitis have been in the Tower area quite often.  I was lucky enough to be present on one of those occasions.

     Cindy and I pulled in just as the pack was in the middle of a group howl with the white alpha leading the singing.  There was no time to set up like I would have preferred, so I just grabbed a camera and fired.  Hoping to get something sharp and composed to show the scene.

     The white female has been on my radar for years and I was happy with what I got considering the circumstances.


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