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Filming at the cabin

All the way from The UK
by Dan Hartman

April 25, 2011

I spent a couple of hours exploring the north side of Lamar Canyon last Saturday. I thought I might stumble across owl sign or perhaps a bear sunning its’ self near its den. The fact this was the only place I could find to walk without snowshoes also lured me here. The only discoveries I made however were a set of bear tracks made that morning and a couple of old carcasses.

On Monday three college students from Cumbria University in the UK arrived to film at our cabin. They had been tent camping in Mammoth the last five days, while filming in Yellowstone.

The students, Adam McGill, Tim Hall and Jemima Stubbs are putting together a ten-minute film on the effects of our heavy snow year on Yellowstone’s wildlife.

I was impressed with their passion for film making, especially after I heard they had financed this adventure with their own money. They are actually one of three teams filming at different locations. One team interestingly enough is attempting to film martens in Scotland.

They were at our cabin only a short time when one of our martens appeared. The excitement of their faces let me know they understood how special this moment was. The marten was soon on its’ way so they turned their attention to filming the many birds and squirrels. During lulls in the action, we talked filmmaking and their goals for the future.

I’ve worked with many filmmakers over the years and I wander if someday our paths will cross again.


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Filming Marten


Tim & Jemima

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