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Drive To Hayden

Wolf Chase
by Dan Hartman

June 16, 2011

My daughter, Kelly, and I ran down to Hayden Tuesday. Unfortunately we saw very little on the way save a couple of moose below our cabin.

I wanted to walk the meadows at Canyon to see if I could find a great gray owl but we decided to make a quick run out into Hayden first. Luckily we ran in to Bill Hamblin and his mom as we drove south. They reported the Canyon Pack was moving up river so we hurried on. A couple of pull offs down, we found the Alpha female then a couple of others. Soon elk appeared and a chase ensued. With an elk running towards us the attack broke off and the wolves continued to move south.

I sloshed into the third meadow at Canyon hoping to find the owls. I did hear one hoot back in the timber but two feet of snow and fresh grizzly tracks turned me back.

Soaked up to my knees, I decided wed head back to the cabin. A cinnamon black bear, or grizzly to every one else who was there, was feeding on an elk carcass along Antelope Creek. A black bear was out near Rainy Lake and as we neared Trout Lake pull-off a badger lay near its den.

I've incuded a few photos from Beartooth Pass.


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Hayden Female



Cinnamon Black Bear

Grizzly Track at Canyon

Badger Den

Beartooth Pass

Cassie on Beartoth Pass