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Pebble Creek Great Gray Nest Log

Part #2
by Dan Hartman

July 10, 2014

    June 23rd  Finally saw chicks at the nest!  Brad and his class from the Institute were with me today.  We hung around the nest for a time hoping to see a feeding, but none came.  We then climbed on to another higher viewpoint and soon located the perched female.  After a bit she led us away from the nest, so we followed and found  her perched again.
      We found several more bear beds and scat.
     July 9th   Ray and I climbed up to the nest this morning hoping to get an official chick count.  When we arrived at the nest site I wasn't surprised to find it empty.  We looked around a bit then soon heard the female beg for food below us.  As we got close, she flew upslope.  Ray followed her while I continued my search for chicks.
     Obviously, there's at least one surviving chick or she wouldn't still be here.  As we sat quietly waiting for a chick to call, the female moved from perch to perch, continuing to call every now and then.
     My experience tells me that a lone chick doesn't have much reason to call as he gets all the food while two or more chicks call constantly trying to be a bit louder than their siblings so to get fed first.
     I could be wrong, but this nest probably only produced one chick.
     Ray and I looked a bit more then headed back down the mountain side.  I'll have to come back some evening and try again.  But will be surprised if I find more than one chick.
     Later at the cabin as I was writing this article, I realized robins were barking and junco were ticking.  The same sounds I had just experienced at the great gray nest!   Did the owl follow me home?  I stepped out on the porch for a look.  A pine marten sat in a tree looking at me.

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