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Coming Soon, New Wolf Book

Author, Elli H. Radinger
by Dan Hartman

Oct. 25, 2017

     Cindy and I's first meeting with Elli was a bit strange.  It occurred some twenty years ago after months of conversing via email.  Somehow during these emails we inadvertently assumed we were talking to Eli, a man.  So months later when we were to finally meet at our cabin you can imagine our surprise when a small petite woman introduces herself as Elli, not Eli.
     We've been good friends ever since, even helping her with wolf phots every now and then.
     Now that she is internationally famous, we are honored to share her upcoming book with you.

    Elli H. Radinger gave up her profession as an independent attorney to devote herself to her passion:  writing and wolves.
     In 1990, during an internship to learn more about wolves at Wolf Park, Indiana, she got "infected" by the "wolf virus".  Back in Germany, she founded the "Society for the Protection of Wolves" and led this non-profit association as CEO for ten years.  Radinger is also the publisher of "Wolf Magazin", the only magazine about wolves and related canids in the German language.
     She shares her knowledge of wolves in books, seminars and lectures.  For almost thirty years, she has spent a large part of every year in Yellowstone, where she observes the behavior of wild wolves, which inspired her to write numerous non-fiction books and novels.  Her newest book, "The Wisdom of the Wolves", is published in several languages, including English, French, Spanish and Italian.
     Elli Radinger lives with her dog, Shira, in Wetzlar, in the state of Hesse, Germany.
     In her new book, "The Wisdom of the Wolves", Elli tells fascinating stories that are exemplary of the values, such as the sense of family, trust, patience, leadership qualities, mindfulness, coping with failure or death.  She tells readers of astonishing and previously unknown facts about the lives of wolves and demonstrates one thing:  Wolves would probably be the better human beings.


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