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Christmas Eve

In The Mountains
by Dan Hartman

Dec. 24, 2010

Kelly and I drove to Indiana to collect Cassie and bring her home for Christmas. Kelly has been home since the 10th. For the most part we are just hanging around the cabin getting in a little snow shoeing now and then. I have been photographing our martens however. We have half a dozen visiting daily.
Iím posting a poem I wrote thirty years ago. I was working at my machine in a factory back in Indiana, wishing I were out here. I know some of you have heard it before on my personal web site but I though Iíd share it one last time.
-In The Mountains-

Snowflakes drifting to the ground-
Bighorn rams are coming down-
The Seasons have begun to change-
And the clouds to rearrange-
-In The Mountains.-

The wind blows cold through the trees-
Aspens loose their golden leaves-
An elk herd slowly passes by-
Canada geese fill the sky-
-In The Mountains.-

A trappers cabin, an artist dream-
Though itís old and not so clean-
Wood piled against the cabin high-
Will keep us safe, warm and dry-
-In The Mountains.-

Thereís no bells ringing-
No choirs singing-
Still itís Christmas at hand-
On this cold snowy land-
For people remember that day-
When Jesus in a manager lay-
Presents have been given-
Sleighs have been driven-
-Back home-
-In The Mountains.---



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