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Heart Mountain Grizzly

Sow and three coys
by Dan Hartman

May 18, 2018

     Cindy and I were about 18 miles from Cody yesterday when I spotted something out of place.  I pulled over and backed up for a better look.

     "I see an elk on the ridge," commented Cindy.

     "What I saw was something lower", I replied.

     Then it hit me.  Elk on a ridge.  Something below her.

     I found a spot where we could see the whole ridge.  Sure enough, there sat a grizzly feeding on the elks calf.  Soon three tiny cubs emerged from behind the big bear.  On cue the grizzly rolled back and let the cubs climb on to nurse.

    Nature.  One mother looses her youngster so another mothers youngsters can live.

     The cow elk moved off quite a distance, but continued to stare at the scene.

     Nursing finished, the bear moved back to the calf carcass while the cubs played on the spring grass.  This continued for a time when the sow sniffed the air then heded downslope.  Directly below us ran a nice sized stream and that appeared to be her goal.  Apparently the cubs had been to the stream earlier, because when they realized where mom was headed, they broke into an all out dash to beat her to the water.

     Soon the cubs were splashing about while the sow waded out to drink.

     Eventually the family moved back upslope to bed down near the carcass.


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Grizz & Cubs

Angry Cow Elk


Moving Towards Water

The Cubs Are Off !!!

The Water Hole