Yellowstone Reports

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Thanksgiving Encounter

A Limo????
by Dan Hartman

Nov. 26, 2018

     An interesting thing happened on Thanksgiving evening.  Cindy, Kelly and I decided to go for a late afternoon drive, about 3PM. We hadn't gone far when a bizaare sight drove past us.

     It was a limousine, complete with driver and seats full of young people holding drinks.  We figured they were heading for Cooke City.

     But why????

     Anyway we were heading back when three wolves appeared on the highway some distance ahead.  They seemed to be just milling around, so we drove closer.  One darted up into the woods, but the other two just hung around the road.

     Just then, here comes the limo towards us.  Luckily he sees the wolves in the gathering gloom and stops just short.  The driver hops out all excited.

     "Can you believe this?"

     "This is awesome!"

     His clients stayed in the car, and eventually the wolves moved upslope to disappear.

     All I could think was, what a weird tour vehicle.  I mean we've seen vans, busses, suburbans, but a limo?!


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