Yellowstone Reports

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Backyard Encounter

Eavesdropping on Wild Conversations
by Dr. Nathan Varley

May 26, 2020

Last evening I was sitting out on my balcony watching the roaring flow of the Yellowstone River below. Suddenly a burst of songbirds came from the trees. Warblers, tanagers,, what caused that sudden exodus?

No sooner had I formed the question in my mind, than the answer arrived. Gliding quickly through the yards of Gardiner was a Cooper's Hawk like a stealth fighter jet.

It reminded me of George's online teachings, Eavesdropping on Wild Conversations. So much nature happens around us, and while this encounter caught my attention, many more are subtle or cryptic. They require the eavesdropping skills to understand what is going on, or is about to happen!

These easily digestible teachings are crafted to engage the home naturalist, but are also universal to where a natural encounter might occur.

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