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Historic Structure

Range Rider Lodge
by Dan Hartman

Aug. 8, 2011

Last Saturday I gave a presentation for Beartooth Alliance Day. It was their final fundraiser as the board is breaking up, and the grassroots organization which was established to halt The New World Mining Operation, is going into hiatus.

My presentation, was held in the historic Range Rider Lodge. This huge log building was built in 1938. At the time it was second to the Old Faithful Inn as the largest log structure in America. As I live only a half mile away, I see the lodge every day and take it for granted. But giving my talk Saturday gave me a chance to reacquaint myself with its history: climb the stairways, walk the balconies, gaze at the artwork.
Although, actually, the entire structure is art. And the fact itís nestled between 10,000 ft. peaks only adds to its ambiance. The forests that surround the lodge descend from the big timbers used to construct it. The rocks for the foundation were gathered along the banks of The Soda Butte, which still flows by just a few yards away.

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The Range Rider Lodge backed by Ampletheter

Range Rider Lodge

Veiw from above

Under The Beams

Artwork Lines The Balconies

Artwork Lines The Balconies

More Artwork Dated

Me Doing My Talk