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Goings on at the Cabin

Fox, Marten and Hawk
by Dan Hartman

June 1, 2013

     You can't beat spring time in the rockies.  The fox den at the Yellowstone Picnic area, now with a badger thrown in for good measure has been amazing.  I haven't been there personally but talked to many who have.  Grizzly and black bears with cubs.  Wolves doing their thing.  A grizz was even seen going after an elk at Cooke Pass today.      Things have been equally interesting here at our cabin.  Our martens come and go daily, but you never know when.  A fox came by yesterday with a mouthful of prey on his way back to its den.  A sharp shinned hawk appears every now and then, hunting juncos and finches in our yard.      I went out yesteerday morning to check out the grizz and cubs back Slough.  They were out a little far, but the yellow-headed black birds were great.  It reminds me of the old joke:      A fella walked up to his tour leader the other day and asked what a bird he had just seen was called?      "What did it look like?"      "It was a blackbird with a yellow head."      "Yellowheaded blackbird," was the leaders reply.      "Yes, what's it called?"      "Yellowheaded blackbird!"      "Right, what's it called?"      "Yellowheaded blackbird!"

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Wet Marten

Fox With Chipmonk

Sharp-shinned Hawk

Griz And Cub

Yellow-headed Blackbird