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Early Winter

Wildlife Returns to our Cabin
by Dan Hartman

Oct. 11, 2013

     We've had a few visitors that signal winter is on its way.  A new marten appeared as have a flock of pine grosbeaks.  Also a beautiful male fox has taken to hunting our front yard and sleeping on our deck.

     I was awakened at midnight by a loud clawing that seemed to be at our side door.  I flipped on the yard light and stepped out on the porch.  A grizzly bear was standing thirty feet away glaring at me!  I yelled and rushed down the steps as he bolted away, then suddenly it stopped, whirled around and rushed back at me!  I ran back up the steps and bolted back into the house, glad I left the door open.  A few seconds and I was armed with bear spray.  I opened the door and quickly stepped outside.  Before I could blast away, the bear disappeared into the night.  I waited a bit then came back inside.  Half hour later, I heard the bear again.  But, like before, my opening the door sent it racing away.  We did this until after 1AM when I finally crawled back into bed.

     Then next morning I was surprised to see a tree a dozen feet from our cabin had been marked by the grizz.

     We're flattered the grizz has marked our cabin for his territory!

     On the way to Cody during the snowstorm last week I came across a bald eagle perched in the storm.  At the Red Cliffs a golden eagle took flight.


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New Marten

Pine Grosbeak

Mountain Fox

Bear Tracks In The Snow

Claw Marks At The Cabin

Bald Eagle In The Storm

Bald Eagle In The Storm

Golden Eagle By Red Cliffs