Yellowstone Reports

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Snow shoeing
by Dan Hartman

Jan. 8, 2014

     George Clokey was here Sunday with his students from WhiteWater University, Wisconsin.  After a program, we sat out to place trail cameras off our snowshoe trail above the cabin.  The first trap we set in a spot that will hopefully snag a flying squirrel.  The second on a game trail that should get us a fox, coyote, snowshoe hare or maybe a moose.  The third camera we placed on a pika grasspile.

     The kids were good sports as the air temperatures hovered around zero. My good friend, Don Andrews, happened by and broke trail as my ankles were still on the weak side.  When we reached the pika colony, I realized I had over extended and had to struggle a bit to get back down to the cabin.

     As the group was from Wisconsin, we gathered again in the living room for the Packers-49ers playoff game.

     Nathan Olson was here yesterday with his group from Darby High School. (South of Missoula)  They will be in the park a couple of days and will spend today in the interior.

     I've been helping these leaders with their high school and college groups for years.  Their dedication for educating future generations to the value of wild places and their unselfish giving of their time for very little recognition is commendable.


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White Water University Kids

It's Cold !!!

White Water University Kids

Don Leads The Way

Trail Blazer

Outside Looking In


Darby High School In The Gallery