Yellowstone Reports

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Spotter's Guide to Roadside Pullouts

NEW artist's rendition of the northern range
by Dr. Nathan Varley

Aug. 18, 2010

A new map by Kristin Kenlan is now available as an artistic representation of Yellowstone's northern range.  The roadside pullouts that serve as reference points for wildlife watchers are labeled and illustrated.  Inset views provide additional information. Some pullouts take their names from natural landscape features, some from man-made structures - and some have stories.  The back of the map explains the stories behind a selection of these pullouts. The map is done in watercolor and pen and ink.  It measures 12" x 16" and is available in a laminated version for $12 plus postage and a non-laminated version for $8 plus postage.  Contact for information and ordering.


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