Yellowstone Reports

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Hanging out with some friends

Snow shoeing
by Dan Hartman

Feb. 3, 2014

     Melissa and Megan were here last month with their group of teachers from North Carolina.  Then Natalie arrived with students from the University of Montana on Saturday.

    Both of these groups have been coming to Yellowstone for years and I've come to know Melissa and Natalie quite well.  Melissa has been here so often, we consider her part of the family and has often been a hiking partner of mine.

     Both groups are education focused, spending time with Rick to learn the latest on the wolf front, before arriving at our cabin for a program and snowshoe.

     The kids from U 0f M were especially interested in photography, making me a little nervous of all the up and coming competition.

     Note:  Thanks to the guys for helping dig out firewood and bring it up to the chopping block.  It made my life a lot easier.


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Melissa & Megan

Getting Ready

Melissa and her group



Turkey Greeting Party

Out Of The Woods


Helping Out

Sledding The Rounds To The Chopping Block