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Stranded Book Log Part 15

Off to the Publisher
by Dan Hartman

Feb. 13, 2014

     Well, after a four month delay, I sent the photos for Stranded to the publisher.  (Bloomsbury)
      When the postponement occured in October, I basically put it on the back burner.  When a February 15th deadline suddenly appeared in late January, I had to get back in to the pika mode.  It was easy for me, as I'm always excited about that alpine life.  As a matter of fact, I'm chomping at the bit to get back up to the pass and see how everybody survived the winter.
     Anyway, the book is now in the editors hands and while I'll have imput, the editor will have the final say.  If is, after all, their book.
     In the end, we added some polar bear and wolverine spreads for which I purchased the photos from friends of mine.  The decline of the white-bark pine was expanded on.  Especially the connection between the pine nuts and clarks nutcrackers.
     Still, it's mostly a pika book and should be a good companion for our "When The Wolves Returned"
       No matter how many times you propose, start, work on then finally finish a project, there is always the same old feeling.  The moment you drop the package in the mail you instantly wander if you did enough.  In the following days you remember shots that could have been included.  I was talking about this to my friend, Jeff, this morning.  He said it is the same with finishing a film.  You just have to eventually put it to bed and move on.

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