Yellowstone Reports

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Creepy Sounds

Blood Moon
by Dan Hartman

April 16, 2014

     A pygmy owl called below our cabin just before dark.  Listening to the tiny owl got me wandering what other owls might be calling tonight.  It was supposed to be clear with a full moon, or even more interesting a blood moon.

   When I stepped out at 9PM a light wind was building.  Just below me out of the dark came the hideous crying of a fox.  Mating time!  It really does sound like the a woman crying for help.

     I had just entered the park when a small owl darted away from the road.  I only saw it for a second, but I was pretty sure it had been an owl and not a flying squirrel.  I was still going over what I had just seen when another floated by in front of my windshield.  I stopped and shone my flashlight into the forest hoping to catch him perched.  No luck.

  I traveled on.  The moon was rising behind me.  Still white.  It would be another 4 to 5 hours before it turned red.  A fox crossed near the state line.

     It took me fifteen minutes to reach Pebble Creek.  The wind was gusting but I could hear fine.  I waited longer than usual because this spot has been good lately.  Nothing but a goose somewhere out in Round Prairie.

     I started back, stopping every mile or so to listen.  By the time I reached upper Barronette, the wind was really roaring.  An owl would have to be close for me to hear him.  It had lessened a bit at the State line, but it was silent.  Then at the NorthEast Gate, I was about to climb back into the car when something stopped me.  In between the wind gusts a song reached my ears.  He was no more than 50 yards away, calling just east of the Ranger Station.  A mouse scampered by.  I called to the owl, "Get Him!'.  The mouse disappearing under a snowbank.

     I awoke suddenly at 1:30 AM  (I've always been able to subconsciously turn on my internal alarm clock.)  The moon was supposed to start turning red about now.  I looked out the window.  No moonlight!   I hurried to the back deck and looked skyward.  There was the full moon glowing a rosey red.  I got my camera and tripod then commenced to experiment with exposures trying to duplicate the colors.  Kelly and Cindy stood with me, listening to the night.  All was quiet.


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