Yellowstone Reports

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North Carolina

by Dan Hartman

May 28, 2014

     I went bush-wacking Monday with Mike and Melissa and their group from North Carolina.
     We chose a spot some ten miles east of Cooke City along the Clarks Fork River.  Hiking away from the river, we pushed our way north through alternating dense timber and open aspen groves.
     Courting red-naped sapsuckers were discovered in the first stand of aspen and an owl pellet in the second. Probably from a great gray owl.  Cassie spotted a grizzly bear bed with a weeks worth of scat lying to the side.  We found a boreal toad and a saw-whet owl perch.  Also came across several elk skeletons. 

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Owl Pellet And Whitewash

Bear Bed

Boreal Toad


Saw-whet Owl Pellet