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Return to the Beartooths

The Wolf and the Elephants
by Dan Hartman

Aug. 2, 2014

     Since my great gray nests were officially over, I was eager to get up into the Beartooths.  I had been there a few times this year, but always mid morning or evenings.  To really experience the place one has to be there at dawn.

     So here I am heading out in the pre-dawn, full of anticipation.  Would this be the morning I would come across a wolverine?  A lynx?  Maybe a wolf.  It all seemed possible.  All last year I drove this highway at dawn working on my book, Stranded, and while I saw some cool things I saw no wolverine, no lynx, no wolves.  Why would today be different?

     As I drove through the quiet streets of Cooke City, a fox trotted by on its morning hunt.  On over Cooke Pass, down to Fox Creek, by the old beaver pond and on to where I had spent the spring with the great gray owl family.  I slowed to see if the male was hunting near the road.  Didn't see him.

     I continued the steep climb.  Past the work camp and the road to the fire tower.  The slopes here were painted yellow with arnica.  Bluebells spilled out of the roadside ditches.  I stopped to glass the steep walls of Beartooth Canyon.  Last year I routinely found a billy, nanny and kid.  This morning I spotted a lone billy goat.  

     On my way again I passed by Beartooth Falls, still gushing with run off from snow melt.  At Beartooth Lake I stopped for a reflection photo of Beartooth Butte. I was really thirty minutes late for a still water reflection.  On past Top of the World store, still closed at this hour.  Little Bear Lake, then Long Lake shimmered to my left.  Finally, I passed through the 17 mile gate.

      Now the landscape changed to stunted spruce and scattered boulders.  I was just approaching the first switchback when a dark silhouette drifted across the highway.  My mind went blank for an instant, then quickly restarted.  A wolf!!  A couple seconds and it vanished behind a rock wall to my left.  I gunned the car forward and swung my lens out the window.  The same moment I spotted the wolf, the sun exploded over the cliffs above me, blinding me momentarily.  I fought to find the wolf in my view finder, centered on it and fired the shutter a half a dozen times before she turned and loped away.  My eyes working again I searched the slope.  Nothing.  Then there she was again peering over a rocky rise.  A moment more of curiosity and she was gone.

     I searched for another half hour, even climbing a hill higher up on the mountain that offered a wider view but the wolf was gone.  Who was she?  I say she because thats what it appeared to be.  It was collared and I would guess to be about two years old.  Because of where I was I'd assume it to be from the Beartooth Pack.  Although it could also be a Hoo-Doo.

     Reluctantly, I moved on.

     Marmonts climbed up the rocks to greet the morning sun.  A golden mantled ground squirrel scurried across the highway.  Over West Summit, then on to East Summit.  Just below the ski lift, I spotted a mountain goat nanny with twins.  A yearling grazed nearby.

     From a high point, I glassed the distant cliffs.  I soon located a billy on a grassy ledge.  The buttercups were in full bloom up here, as were forget-me-nots and phlox.  A pica popped out of the rocks, ten feet away.  "Do you remember me?" I asked.  He bleated then moved even closer.

     It was almost 8:30.  Time to start for home.  On my way back over West Summit, I spotted my friend Drew setting up camera traps to photograph pika.   I climbed down to say hi, when a baby weasel appeared to our left carrying a baby pika!  I ran back to my car for a camera but when I returned he had already stached his catch into the rocks.  He gave me a quick look then disappeared.

    Farther down, I stopped near a stream to search for elephant heads.  It took some searching but I finally found a few stalks.  Laying out on the grass, I was getting some nice shots when I realized I was covered with mosquitoes.  Time to go!

     Over all it had been a good return.  With the wolf being the highlight, but for me the pika and goats were just as special.


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