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Eagles and Horses

Photographing just outside the park
by Dan Hartman

Nov. 29, 2014

     Cindy and I, along with Kelly, drove in to Bozeman for Black Friday, Friday.  We didn't get to town until 10:30, so if there was a rush, we missed it.  This was my first Black Friday and I did get a good deal on a dvd.  It was $10.  I got it for $7.

     On the drive to the big city we spotted several eagles, some even sat for photographs.  I got to thinking about how many good eagle shots I've gotten over the years on my way to town.  Especially along the river between Gardiner and Yankee Jim in the winter.  During the summer we mostly shop in Cody.  Along the route I've gotten almost all of my golden eagle photographs.

     This year I even got a bonus.  On our last trip to Cody before our first snowstorm closed the road, we came across a herd of horses feeding in a grassy pond.  Kelly and I worked them for a time, utilizing the wild setting.

     Note:  Our marten visited us on Thanksgiving.  The first time I've seen him in over a month.

     We counted 110 bighorn between Gardiner and Corwin Springs.

     November 10th high was 50 degrees.  The next day after the snowstorm our low was -13.   That's just not fair!


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Bald Eagles

Bald Eagle