Yellowstone Reports

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Hiking in the rain

A naturalist walk in the woods
by Dan Hartman

May 17, 2015

     I took a Master Naturalist Class from the Montana Outdoor Science School for a hike in the rain yesterday.  We parked at Wrecker and walked out through the sage towards the douglas firs in the distance.  Just inside the timber we investigated an old great horned owl nest in a burnt out snag.  We moved on upslope eventually coming across a rams skull.  Not much farther on we found our first bear sign, a pile of grizzly scat. Soon after we found more bear scat, but this time probably from a black bear.  On around behind the Butte we passed by a small herd of bison cows and calves.  Passing through an aspen grove lining a bog, we spotted bluebirds, flickers and yellow rumped warblers.  Out in the open again, we checked out a bear den I found three years ago.  It hasn't been used since, but maybe someday...

     As it was raining harder, we headed back.


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The Naturalist Class

Bear Scat

Closer Look

Rams Skull

Checking Out A Bear Den