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Heart Mountain Grizzlies

A photo collection
by Dan Hartman

July 11, 2015

     Bears seem to be everywhere right now.  Over one evening and the following morning I saw nine and I wasn't even in the Park.  I expect to see one around the cabin every now and then.  And of course the Beartooths are always a good bet, but Cindy, Kelly and I came across a grizz with three cubs in a strange location.

     We were on our way to Cody Friday morning.  Heart Mountain was looming just ahead of us.  Suddenly a grizzly sow and three cubs appeared across a ravine just below the highway!

     A fence and the fifty foot wide gully separated us so the bears behaved as though we weren't even there.  The adult tore at the grasses with her teeth, pausing every now and then to discount some unseen tidbit.  While she went about her business, the cubs romped about, rolling in the lush vegetation, then racing down into the ravine.  Eventually, the sow would loose sight of her youngsters and she would go looking.

     A low hill rose just beyond and the family of bears would suddenly vanish, then reappear a half hour or so later.  This went on for six to seven hours,when the sow led her cubs over the hill and did not return.

     I went back this morning, but they were gone.


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Sow&three cubs

They Suddenly Appear !!!

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The Sow Grizzly

There They Go !!!!