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The Eagle Book Part 1

Searching for Goldens
by Dan Hartman

Oct. 12, 2015

     I've spent the fall basically working on two things.

     Firewood and golden eagles.

     You see, a little over a month ago I was asked to supply the golden eagle photos for a table top book on eagles.  Now, I have plenty of nesting photos from my cave eagle nest I photographed over four nesting seasons.  I have lots of soaring shots from my years photographing the Beartooths.  And I have some eagles on carcass shots.

     Over the last month I've tried to fill in the blanks, telling the rest of the story.

     When I'm not searching for eagles, Cindy and I have been busy cutting wood.  A couple more mornings and we should have plenty for the up coming winter.

     Back to the eagles.  Even though golden eagles have been off their nests since June, I search for goldens by locating nests that were used this year.  When I do find a nest, I'll then search for eagles in that area, knowing they usually hang out within a mile or so.

     Near my old nest site over Dead Indian Pass Cindy spotted their new aerie in the Red Cliffs.  Sure enough, it wasn't long before I spotted an adult perched high on a rocky out cropping.  Down the road another adult soared high with their chick of the year.  Once she dove to the ground and missed on catching some un -seen prey.  I got a nice series of shots as she left the ground and flew past me.

     A couple of days later, I was back at dawn.  This time the family of three were soaring in front of the red cliffs.  The youngster was practicing landing and taking off, while the adults watched from the highest cliff perch.

     Ten miles or so to the southeast I came upon a second golden eagle family.  An adult and immature were soaring high, but another adult was perched quite close.  It was cloudy and not much of a shot, when as luck would have it a blue hole appeared behind him.  He soon squirted and launched himself into the blue.  He soared in front of a cliff face, then landed farther along the ledge, exploding a flock of pigeons perched there.

     A few hours later, I returned to spot him perched on a rock face filled with shallow caves.  Whitewash stains streamed out of the largest hole.  Could this have been their nest?


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Golden Eagle

She Flies Past Me

Soaring In The Red Hills



He Explodes A Flock Of Pigeons

Perched By An Old Nest Site