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The Eagle Book Part 3

Goldens are getting hard to find
by Dan Hartman

Nov. 17, 2015

     Winter seems to be here to stay in Yellowstone and I'm back to work on the Eagle Book.  I'm still trying for that medium range shot that I'll probably get because of a carcass.
     One day last week, up north, Cindy and I came across an immature sitting in a cottonwood near the highway.  We got some nice shots, unfortunately it was a young bald eagle.
     Last Thursday and Friday Kelly and I drove to Missoula.  Every fall I have to make a glass run to pick up cases of photo glass for the coming year.  I also hoped it would offer some opportunity for eagle photos.
     Well, we did find a dozen eagles.  The problem was eleven of them were bald eagles.  On the way home as we approached Bozeman, Kelly and I took a side trip up a narrow canyon road.  Years ago I had found a golden eagle nest up high in the cliffs.  Maybe the big birds were still around.  Well, we had just parked at a view of the nest when Kelly spotted the eagle coming in.  It was carrying sticks.  I quickly grabbed the camera and got some good shots.
    Our best photos however, came as we neared our cabin.  A bald eagle was perched near Picnic.  I just got on it when the eagle took off giving me some good shots.  
     Note: Several moose are hanging out between Silver Gate and Pebble Creek.  I got some images at Warm Creek of a cow with twins.

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Immature Bald Eagle

Immature Bald Eagle

Golden Flys Up To It's Nest

Bald Eagle Sitting In An Osprey Neast

Bald Eagle At Picnic

Take Off


Moose Cow And Twins