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Finally the Yellowstone Film

Sunday at 6PM on the National Geographic Channel
by Dan Hartman

May 5, 2016

     National Geographics America's Parks Series continues this Sunday with "Yellowstone".  
     This is a film filled with local flavor as good friends Jeff Hogan and Brad Bulin contributed footage of bears and mountain lions.  I worked on the film as a guide and consultant, but to be honest, the friendship I developed with Oliver and Ivo meant more than the actual project.
     Oliver and Ivo own Gulio Film Productions.  Past titles they've filmed include "Wild Russia",  "Wild Scandinavia",  "Wolverines" and "The Jungle Book Bear".  They also produced the first installment of the National Parks Series, "Yosemite".
     I could relate many stories of my time working with Oliver and Ivo but one episode early in the filming really set the tone of our working relationship.
     We had a really good day of filming and Oliver remarked as we climbed back out of the woods, "This is the best day filming, ever!"
     Well, I could hardly believe that was quite true, but it made me feel good anyway.  A week or so later, we returned after a snowstorm to get more footage.  We carried heavy gear in and out of the steep ravines and canyons, slipping and slidding on the wet snow.  Finally we had to give up.  I was unable to find our quarry.  As we trudged back to our cars, I expected a frustrated pair of film makers.  But you know, Oliver looked at me and said, "this makes the footage we already got that much more valuable".
     I've worked on more than a dozen films, but these guys were the classiest team I've ever been associated with and am proud to say I helped with this great film.
     Once again, it's airing Sunday, May 8th at 6PM on National Geographic Channel.
    Hope you enjoy it!


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