Yellowstone Reports

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Searching for Snags

Flying Squirrel Encounter
by Dan Hartman

Oct. 26, 2016

     Cindy and I were out and about recently searching the forest for a new snag for our front yard.  The snags are for squirrels (both flying and red), martens and song birds.  Also owls use them, every now and then, for hunting perches.

     I'd checked a certain snag during the last week to make sure it wasn't inhabited.  It was always empty.  So when Cindy and I walked in to check it one more time, I expected to find it abandoned.  But when I gave it a good slap this time, out popped a flying squirrel!

     He scrambled to the top and blinked sleepily at us.  

     I took a few photographs and Cindy and I walked away to leave the squirrel and his snag alone.


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There He Is !!

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Peeking Out

Flying Squirrel