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YA Class

Cameras for Research
by Dan Hartman

Dec. 6, 2016

     Brad Bulin and his Institute Class visited last week.  Their objective was to place camera traps around and above our cabin.  The images they captured would be an exercise in how hidden cameras are useful in determining wildlife populations as well as other research data.
     Soon our front yard was littered with black boxes.  Afterwards the group headed up into the foret above the cabin where four more traps were set up.  The highest placed on a pika grasspile.
     Now they'd wait three days and let the pot simmer.
     Remote cameras are getting more and more popular every year.  It's hard to find any wildlife film out today that doesn't have remote shots sprinkled throughout the feature.  The up coming "Great American Thaw" film will have many remote sequences  Especially in the beaver segment.
     On Friday, Brads class was back to retrieve their cameras.  Afterwards we viewed a few samples in our livingroom.  A couple clips of two flying squirrels chasing around a tree trunk followed by a marten investigating a snag really made the project a huge success.  But a clip of something passing by a camera so close only a furry side was visible really got our imaginations working.
     Sasquatch? Bison? Moose?  It was hard to say.
     I'll keep a couple camera out for the winter.  One never knows when a lynx or maybe a wolverine might pass by.

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Brads Class

Clarks Nutcracker

Pine Marten

Red Squirrel


Setting Up The Cameras

Placing A Camera On A Pica Grasspile