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Spring Boreal Owl Study

Slow Start
by Dan Hartman

March 15, 2018

     My boreal owl study is two weeks in now.  To be honest, I've only gone out five nights because of the lack of singing.  On the first of March, our snow level sat at 43 inches.  This rose to 49 inches by the 10th.  In previous years I've had poor nesting seasons when the snow level passed 36 inches so I wasn't opportunistic.

      Anyway here's how it's gone so far listening at eight posts, two miles apart.

March 1     one owl signing at post #4

March 7     one owl singing at post #1.5

March 10   two owls singing at post #1 and post #5

March 11   no singing

     On March 13th, two nights ago, Cindy and I went out for a listen.  It was warm, 28 degrees and wind still.  No moon so the stars were insane.

     We picked up our first boreal at post #1.  It was far to the southeast and faded in and out but was consistant.  Just down the road at mile post #1.5 a boreal blasted a single song right above the road.  It was one and out as it didn't call again.  It was all silent at post #3 and #4, but at #5 one was singing far to the northwest.  Just like our first owl it drifted in and out.

     Well, it could be worse.  We'll see what happens in the next couple weeks.



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