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Aspen Grove Film

Completed at Last!!
by Dan Hartman

June 17, 2019

     I've finally finished editing my "Life of the Aspen Grove" film.
Follow naturalist Dan Hartman as he films families of birds navigating the nesting season.  Set in the rugged Rocky Mountains, watch how a mountain bluebird male copes with the loss of his mate.  See how competitive ownership of nesitng cavities can become.  Observe how Dan discovers, then films a rare pygmy owl nest.  Most importantly, learn how valuable aspens are to a large variety of mountain life, not only birds but also plants and mammals.
Narrated by Dan's daughter, Kelly Hartman
H&H films 2019

If you are interested in purchasing this film contact us at:,  phone 406-838-2296, or pick one up at our gallery in Silver Gate.


Life Of The Aspen Grove